Indian Fiscal Budget 1997-98

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Excellent site. Rapid access to the Economic Survey, and live Budget coverage very useful.

Paul Appleby

The Govt. should have reduced corporate tax to max. limit of 15% of the profits. If this was done, every person / company would pay tax in this country and avoid tax evasion and more money would come out from suitcases into bank accounts and more money in the economy and in circulation.

Abhishek Verma

Tim McGirk in his article on Jyoti Basu made a couple of factual mistakes, they are:

1. Jyoti Basu went to England to study law and to become a barrister. He did not have anything to do with London School of Economics.

2. Nothing is known about Jyoti Basu's political (or any other) activities while he was a student in Calcutta. Probably Mr. McGirk has confused another incident with the Calcutta club episode he has described. In 1967 there was the first non-congress ministry in West Bengal, the sports minister was one Mr. Ram Chatterjee who took a splash at the club's swimming pool with tribal youths. I do not know whether Calcutta Club was still all-European in 1967 but they had a strict set of codes about attires etc. Jyoti Basu was the deputy chief Minister then and was in charge of the politics department.

Partha Chatterjee

It is high time that Tricandrum to Ernakulam railway line is doubled and electrified. Also this budget seems to have neglected the southmost regions comprising south Tamilnadu and south kerala regions. It was nice to see the railway budget in web with such detail and I appreciate the good efforts behind the same. Keep up the good work.


It is just fantastic to see such things going on the Web. We are really striding towards 21st century.

Sunil Maindan

Sir, Something has to be done about the corruption which is still existing in the department, because of that middle class people has to suffer. We should take our Railway system to 21st Century, and make it one of the best in the World. Hope Konkan Railway wont be delayed any longer because I hail from Mangalore.

Gabriel Burns

If you don't bring back David Burns and the world bank the Indian railway will fail The web page was very good, but I think that you have more important thing to have your railway do.

Web coverage was ok but more detailed information should be made available.Also discussions should be held along with live coverage. Also web cite should be properly advertised.

Shriram A. Utpat.

I am interested in knowing Shri P. Chidambaram 's email address. (Finance Minister). I shall be grateful to U for this.

thank you
Saakar yadav


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