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Budget 1998-99
Budget 1997-98
Budget 1996-97



Budget Estimates 1999-2000

Freight Loading of 450 million tonnes
Growth in Passenger Traffic - 8.5%
Other Coaching and Sundry Other earnings to increase by 5%
Gross Traffic Receipts estimated at Rs.32,411 cr including realisation of outstandings
Ordinary Working Expenses estimated at Rs.25,740 cr - increase of 10.1%
Pensionary Liability estimated at Rs.3,300 cr - Rs.200 cr to be withdrawn from Fund Balance
Appropriation to DRF of Rs.1589 cr; drawdown from Fund Balance of Rs.600 cr.
Total Working Expenses estimated at Rs.30,283 cr.
Net Traffic Receipt at Rs.2,128 cr.
Net Miscellaneous Receipt at Rs.430 cr.
Net Railway Revenue projected at Rs.2558 cr.
Dividend to General Revenues increased to Rs.1,914 cr. as compared to Rs.1,752 cr in Revised Estimates
Excess works out to Rs. 644 cr - falls short of Plan requirement by Rs.1,121 cr
Rs.900 cr to be mobilised additionally; with Rs.221 cr to be met by draw down and interest in the Capital Fund

Proposals regarding freight rates

Minor increase of 4% uniformly on freight rate of all commodities
Minor increase in classification of Washed Coal and Caustic Soda Liquor
Concession of 25% in freight rate for traffic upto 50 km

Passenger Tariff Proposals

No increase in second class fare of Mail/Express/Ordinary trains and Second Class Season Tickets - special gift to 90% of rail passengers in the "Passenger Year"
Keeping fares of second class Mail/Express trains as base, fares for Air-Conditioned Classes and sleeping accommodation to be rationalised based on comfort levels as under :-
Sleeper Class - 1.55 times;
AC Chair Car - 3 times;
AC 3-tier Sleeper - 4.5 times;
First Class - 5.25 times;
AC-2 tier Sleeper - 7.2 times; and
AC First Class - 14.4 times.
In Ordinary Passenger Trains, Sleeper Class and First Class will be 1.55 times and 5.25 times of the Second Class (ordinary) fare
Fares of Rajdhani/Shatabdi Trains to be revised by making suitable adjustments
Minimum distance for charge to be 100 km for all the Upper Classes
4% increase to be applied on all parcel and luggage scales
Above proposals to yield Rs. 900 cr --- Rs.700 cr - freight; Rs.200 cr - Coaching traffic (Passengers, Parcel and Luggage)

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