The Indian Budget 1996-97 The Indian Economy Overview

Commentary and Analysis: India and its Economy

Commentary on key aspects of the Indian Economy and Budget

The Indian Economy Overview strives for a truly complete portrait of India, but no portrait is complete without the blemishes. This section follows the controversial issues and debates that threaten to roll back the hard-won changes of the past five years.

From multi-billion dollar scandals to the hottest investment deals, the Indian Economy Overview will brief you on the latest issues affecting the economy. Expert commentary by leading journalists and analysts will help the novice India watcher navigate the uncharted territory of a market in transition.

The Indian Economy Overview will also be bringing you detailed analysis on the Indian Union Budget 1996-97 on these pages, as the budget proceedings gather speed.

Index of this section

Journalists and commentrators on Indian economy are invited to contribute their points of view to this section. We also welcome rejoinders or brief remarks about articles carried here.

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