The Economic Survey of India, 1997

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  1. Key Indicators
  2. Sectoral Real Growth Rates
  3. Savings and Investment
  4. Real Gross Domestic Capital Formation
  5. Growth Rates of Core and Infrastructure Sectors
  6. Tax Revenue & Expenditure


  1. Receipts and Expenditure of the Central Government
  2. Components of Gross Fiscal Deficit of the Central Government
  3. Economic Classification of Total Expenditure of Central Government
  4. Capital Formation by the Central Government and its Financing
  5. Outstanding Liabilities of the Central Government
  6. Interest on the Outstanding liabilities of Central Government
  7. Assets of the Central Government
  8. Financing of the Gross Fiscal Deficit
  9. Sources of Tax Revenue
  10. Collection Rates for Selected Import Groups
  11. Cost and Revenue of Main Services of the Department of Post


  1. Sources of Change in Money Stock (M3)
  2. Sources of Change in Reserve Money
  3. Profits of Public Sector Banks:1994-95 and 1995-96
  4. Working Results of Scheduled Commercial Banks for 1994-95 and 1995-96
  5. Current Interest Rates of Scheduled Commercial Banks
  6. Selective Credit Controls on Bank Advances
  7. Sectoral Deployment of Gross Bank Credit
  8. Scheduled Commercial Banks - Selected Indicators
  9. Assistance by All India Financial Institutions



  1. Issues Launched
  2. Stock Market Indicators
  3. Net investments by FIIs: 92-93 to 96-97
  4. Net Borrowing of Central Government
  5. Implicit Yield of 91-day T-bills at cut-off price
  6. Implicit Yield of 364-day T-bills at cut-off price
  7. Current Portfolio restrictions: LIC
  8. Current Portfolio restrictions: GIC
  9. Portfolio Restrictions: EPF



  1. Annual Rates of Inflation based on WPI and CPI
  2. Annual (point-to-point) Inflation Rate (11 January, 1997)
  3. Financial Year increase in Wholesale Price Index (since end March)
  4. Quarterly movements in Wholesale Prices
  5. Wholesale Price Movement in Major Commodity Groups (11 January, 1997)
  6. Annual Rate of Inflation in Essential Commodities (November 1996)
  7. Movement in CPI (IW) - Major Commodity Groups
  8. Food grains Allocation and Offtake under the Public Distribution System
  9. Central Pool Stocks and Minimum Buffer Stock norms
  10. Procurement of Wheat and Rice (Central Pool)
  11. Central Pool Stocks
  12. Periodical Revisions in PDS Central Issue Price (CIP)
  13. F.P.S. Level Prices in Food Grains in Various States / UTs (1 February 1994)
  14. Food grain Subsidy
  15. Minimum Support Price of Crops (Crop-Year Basis)
  16. Index of Numbers of Wholesale Prices of Agricultural Commodities (Relative to Manufactured Products)


  1. Balance of Payments: Key Indicators
  2. Ratios of Selected Items of the Balance of Payments
  3. India: Share in World Trade
  4. Percentage Change in Exports and Imports over the Corresponding Month of Previous Year
  5. Exports by Commodity Group
  6. Composition of India's Export
  7. Imports by Commodity Groups
  8. Composition of India's Imports
  9. Direction of India's Trade
  10. Direction of India's Trade with Selected East Asian Countries
  11. Foreign Investment Flows by Category
  12. Direct Foreign Investment: Actual Investment v/s Approvals
  13. FDI Inflows, by Host Region
  14. Outstanding Balances and Net Flows under various Non-Resident Deposit Schemes
  15. Foreign Exchange Reserves: Historical Perspective
  16. Foreign Exchange Reserves in Selected Countries, 1990-96
  17. Debt Service Payment and Debt Ratios
  18. External Debt and Debt Indicators, 1994 -- International Comparison


  1. Annual Growth Rates in Major Sectors of Industry
  2. Sectoral Contribution to Industrial Growth
  3. Growth Rates of Industrial Production by Use-Based Classification
  4. Growth Rates of Industrial Production by Broad Groups of Manufacturing
  5. Industrial Investment Intentions filed through IEMs and LOIs
  6. Total Foreign Technology Agreements and Foreign Direct Investment Approvals
  7. Sector-Wise Approvals of FDI from August 1991-October 1996
  8. Overall Employment in Industry
  9. Profitability of CPSUs
  10. Trends in Petroleum Sector
  11. Consumption of Petroleum Products
  12. Trends in Coal Sector
  13. Output of Iron and Steel
  14. Production of Spun Yarn
  15. Production of Fabrics
  16. Production of Electronics (Sectoral Break-up)
  17. Growth of Food-Processing Industries (Percentage change over Previous Year)
  18. Overall Performance of SSI Sector
  19. Status of PSU Cases referred to BIFR as on 31st December 1996
  20. Profile of Sick Industrial Undertakings
  21. Man-Days lost on account of Strikes and Lock-Outs
  22. Number of Projects Given Environmental Clearance Between January and December 1996



  1. Monsoon Performance, 1987-1996 (June to September)
  2. Rainfall Indices Weighted by Cumulative Kharif Cereal Production - State-wise
  3. Post-Monsoon Rainfall (October-December)
  4. Reservoir Status
  5. Production of Food-Grains and Commercial Crop
  6. Annual Growth in Food-Grains Production
  7. Yield of Important Crops
  8. Production of Rice and Wheat
  9. Production of Sugarcane
  10. Production of Oilseeds
  11. Area, Production and Yield of Jute, Mesta
  12. Production and Export of Coffee
  13. Production and Consumption of Natural Rubber
  14. Production of Principal Horticultural Crops
  15. Distribution of Certified/Quality Seeds
  16. Development of Irrigation Potential and it's Utilisation
  17. Consumption of Chemical Fertilisers
  18. All-India NPK Consumption Ratio
  19. Price of Fertilisers
  20. Fertiliser Production, Imports and Subsidies
  21. Flow of Institutional Credit to Agriculture
  22. Recovery of Agricultural Advances by Commercial Banks
  23. Gross Capital Formation in Agriculture
  24. Agricultural Regulated Markets
  25. Production and Sale of Tractors and Power Tillers
  26. Milk Production
  27. Cattle Insurance - Premiums and Claims
  28. Marine and Inland Fish Production and Export of Marine Products



  1. Trends in the Performance of Infrastructure Sectors
  2. Trends in Power Sector (Utilities Only)
  3. Addition to Generating Capacity
  4. Thermal Plant Load Factor
  5. Statement of Profit and Loss (Without Subsidy) of State Electricity Boards
  6. Consumer Category-wise sale of Electricity and Average Tariff
  7. Financial Performance of the State Power Sector
  8. Status of 8 fast-track IPPs approved for GOI Counter-Guarantees
  9. Performance of Railways
  10. Trends in Traffic at Major Ports



  1. Central Plan Outlay for Major Schemes of Social Sector
  2. Basic Indicators of Human Development
  3. Selected Indicators of Human Development of Major States
  4. Indicators of Human Development for some Asian Countries 1993
  5. Annual Percentage Change of Real Wages for Unskilled Agricultural Labour for Selected States
  6. Gross Enrolment in Classes I - V and VI - VIII
  7. Source of Income of all Educational Institutions
  8. Expansion of Health Services
  9. Population Covered with Drinking Water and Sanitation Facilities
  10. Performance of Special Employment and Poverty Alleviation Programs


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The Economic Survey Of India, 1997

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