Indian Fiscal Budget 1997-98: EXIM POLICY 1997-2002


Quality awareness campaign

14.1The Central Government aims to encourage manufacturers and exporters attain internationally accepted standards of quality for their products. The Central Government will extend support and assistance to trade and industryto launch a nationwide programme on quality awareness and promote the concept of total quality management.

State-level programmes

14.2The Central Government will encourage and assist State Governments in launching similar programmes in their respective States, particularly for the small scale and handicraft sectors.

Test houses

14.3The Central Government will assist in the modernisation and upgradation of test houses and laboratories in order to bring them at par with international standards.

Rewards and benefits

14.4The Central Government may reward manufacturers/ processors who have acquired the ISO 9000 (series) or IS/ ISO 9000 (series). A list of agencies authorised to issue such certificates is given in Appendix 32 of Handbook (Vol.1). Such manufacturers/processors will be eligible for benefits as indicated in Chapter 14 of the Handbook (Vol.1).

Quality complaints/ disputes

14.5 The Regional Sub-Committee on Quality Complaints (RSCQC) set up at the Regional Offices of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade shall investigate qualtity complaints received from foreign buyers.

14.6If it comes to the notice of the Director General of Foreign Trade or he has reason to believe that an export or import has been made in a manner gravely prejudicial

(i)to the trade relations of India with any foreign country;

(ii)to the interest of other persons engaged in exports or imports;

(iii)has brought disrepute to the credit or the goods of the country,

the Director General Foreign Trade may take action against the exporter or importer concerned in accordance with the provisions of the Act, the Rules and Orders made thereunder and this Policy.

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