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The success of a comprehensive overview on any subject, such as The Indian Economic Overview, is greatly dependent on a broad base of content about the subject. We welcome feedback on any of the articles on this site, including rejoinders, letters to the editors, and complete articles which may be incorporated into the site.

Please feel free to suggest more content which our editors can incorporate, or even provide fully written up articles yourself. As our mission statement includes a plan to create a unbiased platform for commentary on the Indian Economy and the Union Budget, we are open to your point of view. As long as what you have to say is factually correct, and adds value to this overview, we would be glad to incorporate it into our site and give you full credit for your work.

For brief comments, or letters to the editors, use our Feedback Form. For contributing articles, Email them to, AFTER reading our article style sheet and checking that your article conforms to it.

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