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Indian Financial Budget 1996-97 ONLINE COVERAGE
Grand Success!
Updated in realtime, with highlights, commentary and budget speech, presented by the Finance Minister, Mr.P.Chidambaram: 22nd July, 1996.
(Photo by Pablo Bartholomew, 1010 hrs IST, 20-Jul-1996)
As presented by Railway Minister Mr.Ram Vilas Paswan
Also the Highlights and an Opinion Poll!
The Economic Survey of India Update! Full Text Online!

MediaWeb presents The Indian Economy Overview , an information resource of lasting value and interest to economic and financial observers with an interest in the past, present and future of India, the world's largest democracy and biggest emerging economy.

Republic Day Parade, New Delhi
This Web site has the National Fiscal Budget of India (1996-97), as a focal point, but will span a much wider premise. Unlike many event-specific sites on the World Wide Web, designed to be of transient interest at the time of the event, that wither away and die for lack of lasting content after the fact, the MediaWeb IEO site is designed to be much more...
  • A detailed study of the economic history of India, Raj to Singh and beyond...
  • A dynamic collection of commentary and analyses by the decision makers and opinion leaders of the Indian Economy over the years.
  • A platform for India-watchers worldwide to gather valuable data, and interact freely
  • An unmoderated soapbox for every faction of the public and their spokespersons to express their ideas, say their piece uncensored
  • A visually appealing, content-rich site created to truly international standards, for global impact, not just localized interest and reach.
  • Photographic documentation and journalistic reportage rubbing shoulders with academic verbiage and political rhetoric.
Bombay Stock Exchange
The India Economy Overview is not just the scoresheet of another cricket match, or the results of a dyspeptic election, this is India's first serious launch into true World Wide Web presence.

Keep this site bookmarked, and keep visiting us as the budget drama unfolds... There will be more on this site than you could ever imagine, and we promise there will be something for everybody, from the avid India-watcher to the casual tourist.

Launch Focus:

The Indian Budget 1996-97
(Indian Fiscal Budget 1996-97 ONLINE)

Sections of the Indian Economy Overview, at a glance.
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x InFocus: Award-winning photographer covers various aspects of India.
UPDATE! Legalized Opium Cultivation. New sections added!
x InDepth: Analysis and studies of Indian industry, by the best journalists and industry analysts.
NEW! Indian diamond trade shaken by De Beers-Argyle conflict.
x InPress: Well known journalists comment on India's current economic and political scenario.
LATEST! A simplified tutorial on the basics of the Indian economy.
x InPerson: Personality sketches of the key people moulding the Indian Economy
. LATEST! P.Chidambaram, pro-reform Finance Minister of India.
x InBrief: Short takes on what's making headlines: India, the economy and the upcoming budget.
UPDATED 15th July, 1996
x InHouse: About MediaWeb India, the Indian Economy Overview team, and the many people who helped make IEO a success.


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