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Images of India, a Nation in Transition

The Indian Economy Overview doesn't just give you the facts and the figures , but also the images of a nation in transition. Watch this site for photo stories documenting life behind the scenes of India's free-wheeling capitalism.

This section of the Indian Economic Overview highlights, in a series of photo essays, the images of a nation taking its place in the global economy. From catwalk glamor to slums that sit on the most expensive real estate in the world, India is changing fast. This site will give you the latest photo coverage of the impact of free-market policies on some 900 million Indians, including photo profiles of Bombay's high-rollers, the latest coverage of the 1996-97 budget, and new trends in industry and commerce.

This site will bring to your screen images of India in its millions of colors, the perfect trip for the armchair traveller. For the color and contrast of India on the move, you may click on many of the small thumbnail images to see a full-screen version (large JPG files, 100+ Kb, 800 x 600).

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We welcome complete articles and story ideas for this section. Pablo Bartholomew is the Director of Photography for this site and is a member of the Indian Economy Overview editorial panel.

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