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Indian's impending power crisis

I have just read your contribution to the web page, what I am wondering is about how many Mkwh of capacity does India have (does the number depend on how bad the monsoons are)? and what are India's estimated power needs right now, assuming no scheduled black outs? I remember reading somewhere that India would have to triple its existing capacity in order to be able to fulfill its needs in ten years, is it really that bad?


alfredo b goyburu

Indian Economy

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is David Chen and I work for AT&T. My company is currently engage in a cellular deal in India and we are looking for more detail on the Indian economy specifically the ratio for black and white economy. If you have this information, please forward a copy to me.
Thanks you,

David Chen

US - India Exchange Rate

Dear Shalina Gupta,

Hello. My name is Alex Williams, and I am a Student at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. My Economics teacher gave us an assignment to research the Indian Economy, and thanks to your information on the internet my assignment has been made much easier.Our topic was to focus more on the US-India Exchange rate from 1990 to 1995, and the economic factors that play a part in determining the exchange rate. Do you have information where I can find the overall exchange rate for these years? If so, could you please e-mail me at:
I also appreciate any other information you send.

Thank You,
Alex Williams

US and India Exchange Rates between 1990-1995

Dear Sir,

I am student at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. I currently taking an MACRO economics courses. I am doing a research paper on the US-India Exchange Rates between 1990-1995. I would appreciate it if you could assist
me. I am really looking for charts or graphs that relate to the interest rates and inflation rates. These charts would be most useful in my task to receive a good grade.

Thank you for your time,
Duane K. Gibson


Your Opium series

Your pages on the opium industry in India are quite interesting. I will put in a link to them from my site, The World's Largest Online Library of Drug Policy. The URL is: http:www.drug and

If you ever decide to take these pages down, I would like the opportunity to post them in my library. Please don't take them down without letting me know. Thanks.

Clifford A. Schaffer
P.O. Box 1430
Canyon Country, CA 91386-1430
(805) 251-4140


I'm from Brazil and I'm interesting to know about the importance of the handicrafts in the economy and the social development in India. Can you help me?
Diana Maria Cirino Bessa

social impacts

What other documents do you have on the web on the social impacts of the new economic policies.

Smitu Kothari

British rule in India

Thank you the information posted on the Internet. Do you think that you might be able to help me with further question that I have about British rule in India?
I am currently in the final year of a history degree at a university in England. My area of research involves questioning the economic effects of British rule. In particular, I am seeking further information surrounding the
question of whether British rule retarded or encouraged the development of the Indian economy during the second half of the nineteenth century.
Please can you help? I would be grateful for any comments, book lists or further suggestions of contacts.

Yours faithfully,
Peter Billingham

Singapore Investment in India - Information

Dear Mr Gupta,

I'm Nelson Fong from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I've read about your analysis on the net and was impressed by your remarks.
At the moment, I am doing a survey on "Singapore companies with investment in India". However, I could not obtain the whole population of Singapore companies that already have investment in India.
I am trying all means to get a more complete listing and therefore I would like to ask for your assistance on the above matter.
My e-mail address is
With warm regards.
Nelson Fong

E-mail address of ITI

Grateful if you can send me the e-mail address of the Indian Telephone Industries. If possible, provide their range of products and price quotes, FOB, Bombay.


iftikhar shah
iftikhar shah


Dear Meeta

I found your information enlightening and very in-depth. Do you know if any information or sources that might be available specifically on garment manufacturers in India? This could include designers, etc. My
name is Jason Chuan, and I am located in California. I am trying to compile business links for the garment industry, but there is not much available on India. Thanks.

Jason Chuan

Esquire - Articles to The IEO

Dear Editor/s
I am a graduate student at Sheffield Business School currently researching issues related to "Internationalization of the Indian hotel industry". The subject is already generating a considerable interest in the hospitality/international business circles. Please let me know, If IEO would consider including a series of articles in it's Industry Focus section "/In Depth: Internationalization of the Indian Hotel Industry/"
Best regards


Wireless to the rescue of $900 million?

Hello Veena Sekhar,
I am Krishnan, currently working for USWEST and also doing my Masters at the University of Colorado. Below are some of my thoughts on the telecom scene in India. Can you please give me some pointers/references/comments on this topic to study more on this.
With DoT taking the ownership and responsibility to build and maintain/upgrade the backbone network connecting all cities of the country, and opening up the local access to anyone who can setup a cellular, PCS, paging, and data services. This way there will not be any licenses to bid for and complicate/corrupt the licensing process. The Dot will charge reasonable access charges for their network which again will be collected from the consumer.

Cellular,paging,data service providers need capital only to setup their towers and mobile switching offices.

So the wireless provide the access to the masses which interconnect to the national backbone. Will spawn new businesses with or without foreign investments for services. Economies will bring down the wireless devices prices. Wireless payphone services.

Business practices of these providers should be governed as it is for any other business.

No licensing fee will bring the consumer prices down. Regional players in the business can handle the customer services better with the local language of the state. DoT will not be in the business of upgrading the backbone
to high-speed lines, fibers, or satellite links.
Krishnan Ramaswamy

So without World Bank

So without World Bank,

  1. India would have defaulted several times with no help.

  2. World Powers would openly twist our arms on such a occasion.

  3. If it's so bad why the hell you go to them.

  4. This institution has maintained a great stability in world eco.and is a great relief for poor countries in times of crisis.

  5. Stop wasting time and resources on such a topic.


World Bank & Singrauli - Coal mines, India

That is the history of the World Bank. I remember the terrible discouragement
of a speaker who told how the Bank had displaced people who for centuries had
made little terraces all up and down their mountainous land, and when an
irrigation lake was made of the area, all those people lost their homes and
livelihood. The World Bank is something to be despised.


I like to find out more about the monopolies DoT, VSNL, MTNL has over the country. How is the current liberlization going to affect them if at all? Please send me any info. on this. Thanks.

"Michael C."

Good job

keep it up!!

Shaunak Rao
Charlotte NC, USA

Dear Sir:
I have been taking deep interest in Indian economy particularly since it has opened up under so called liberalization program of the Government. Similarly I have been watching the development of Indian diplomacy in the world. Off late, India is claming that it would be given a permanent place in security council. Then we read news that India and her people think that India will soon become a regional superpower, if not a world superpower. Media and people of India often gloat about the military might of India. Then we have western press who has never missed any opportunity to pump Indian people by calling it "Asian Tiger". Our various Finance Minister have promised to open this "Asian tiger" and set it free. After having said all this, I would like the expert of economics and finance as well as internal diplomacy to answer a very simple question of mine? How will India
become a military and economic power of the world?
Many people have tried to answer this question by saying " With liberalization of economy, India will become rich very soon. Then it will become military power by itself". I thought deeply over their reasoning many times only to be bewildered by another question. "Can India become economic and military superpower on "borrowed Money"?" Why any country, United States for example, will ever lend( invest- to be more sophisticated) so much >money to let India grow in military/economic power?? I am amused by the wisdom of people who say that Multinationals will bring so much money that India will become "economic superpower". May be I have not understood something. Will anyone provide that missing link in my thinking.

Ratnendra Pandey EMail

Keep up the good work

I have read your article in Indian Eco Review. Thanks for bringing such clear insight into the bureaucratic clogging of India's communication arteries. Is there a way to influence policy in tne Indian govt.? I'd like to help in any way I can. Thanks

Thank You


I wrote you once before, about the project I had to do on India's Economy. I thought I would tell you that I got your mail. I decided to just print out all the information, and then select the parts I can use. Thank you very much, when the projects are handed back I will tell you what I got if you would like.

Thank-you again,

Becky Susan Kerr
Organization: Cable Regina

Timetables for Bombay to Calcutta

If you could, please send timetables for this route.

Thank you,
William McBride , age 12

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