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Press Release: For immediate publication (1st February, 1997)

The Indian Budget 1997-98 will be covered live on the World Wide Web, repeating last year's successful online coverage by The Indian Economy Overview.

The Indian Fiscal Budget 1996-97 was the first Indian budget to be broadcast live to over 50,000 people world-wide over the Internet, even as Finance Minister Mr.P.Chidambaram was presenting it in Parliament. This live coverage of the event on the World Wide Web marked the launch of The Indian Economy Overview, a free Web magazine about India and its economy. The magazine has since provided detailed coverage and commentary on many aspects of India, its economy and industry, and has been extremely well received globally, going by the steadily rising viewership figures: viewership crossed 50,000 hits a month in October 1996.

With the Fiscal Budget 1997-98 just round the corner (February 28th), MediaWeb India, the creators of The Indian Economy Overview, are geared up to surpass last year's successful launch. Besides publishing pre-budget analysis, live coverage of the budget, the full text of the Railway and Fiscal Budget, commentary and post-budget reactions from prominent personalities, this year The Indian Economy Overview will also host chat rooms for global participation in live budget discussions, and provide audio/video coverage on the Web.

The Indian Economy Overview editorial team remains committed to unbiased no-punches-pulled economic journalism and rich content which viewers have come to expect, and will not become overshadowed with the advertising overload that haunts many other Web magazines. Since the Internet has estabilished itself as a focussed and cost-effective medium of communication, the Online Budget has been looked forward to with great enthusiasm by many large corporations as a means of reaching a world-wide audience interested in the the challenges of the Indian economy gearing up for the global marketplace. Corporate sponsorships and messages on these pages are being viewed by an international audience of people interested in the future of the Indian market and economy.


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