Indian Fiscal Budget 1997-98: OPINION POLL

Please take a moment to fill in this opinion poll about the Indian Fiscal Budget.

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How do you rate the Fiscal Budget 1997-98?
How well does it reflect the diversity of the coalition?
How well does it follow the objectives projected last year?
What are the chances of achieving projected growth rate?
With expanded subsidies, what are the chances of keeping deficit below 5%?.
How would foreign investors perceive this budget?
Rate the adequacy of reduction in personal income tax vis-a-vis inflation
What kind of an inflationary impact will the current budget have?
Rate this budget on the following factors:  
Deficit management:
Infrastructure development:
How useful was the Web coverage of this budget?
Which fiscal budget in last 10 years was the best?
Why do you feel so?
Which fiscal budget in last 10 years was the worst?
Why do you feel so?
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