MediaWeb Pricing Structure

We at MediaWeb can help you make your mark on the Web in one of several ways...

We do not approach the World Wide Web as merely a variation of desk-top publishing, we believe in creating a complete, effective campaign designed from the ground up for this medium. Therefore our pricing structure is not based on a simplistic calculation of number of pages, and megabytes used. We work as a specialized design and marketing house for this new, exciting and powerful medium, and our service models reflect this approach.

  1. Complete Corporate Web Space Creation
    This model is tailored for Corporate entities looking for a large, long-term Web presence, with over 30 Web pages, searchable databases, forms and feedback mechanisms. Your corporate Web Site can optionally be in your own "virtual domain" or even reside on your very own server. MediaWeb will also publicise your Website on the many major web search sites, to make your pages instantly locatable by any web user.

  2. Corporate Presence
    Your corporate image on the Web will be created and maintained by us at our Web Site. Your pages can have any content (images, sound clips, video clips and of course text) you feel appropriate to express your corporate identity to the world. Our work continues into publicising your web site on practically every search index on the Web, so your expression can be instantly located by millions of Net surfers.

  3. Corporate Web Authoring
    We provide Web page design services to help you express your corporate ideologies using the Web as a medium. Our expert designers will create pages in consultation with you for unique and striking effect, which will stand out in this intensely competitive jungle.

  4. The Visiting Card Folder
    For those individuals or small organizations desiring preliminary web presence, we offer a novel concept - The Visiting Card. We have a card folder, in which you can add your "card", so it will be found on Web searches in the major Web search tools.
    This would enable a global search for your name, or even your product name or category by any web user to bring up a short description provided by you, maintained on our site.

  5. Vanity Page
    This is a fun page designed for individuals wishing to have their own Web page, primarily for fun. The page could be created by you and hosted by us, or our automated page creation service could be used.

All the models given above are subject to the following terms and conditions:

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