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Key Players in India's Economy: Profiles

Profiles of key people in India's economy and finance

The Indian Economy Overview will profile many of the movers and the shakers of India's emerging economy. Watch this site to meet the architects of change, the moguls of the Bombay Stock Exchange and the vital small-scale entrepreneurs of erstwhile Village India.

This section of the Indian Economic Overview will bring you the people behind the scenes of India's new free market economy. From the village shop-owner to the Fortune 500 contender, market reforms have touched the lives of millions of Indians. The spirit of commerce has inspired a new generation businessmen and women; highly educated, highly motivated and eager to put India on the business map of the world. However, none of this would have been possible without the bold moves of strategists like former Finance Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and current Finance Minister Mr P. Chidambaram.

From small entrepreneurs to multi-millionaires to the economic visionaries, this site will profile the star players.

Index of this section

Other profiles will follow soon. We welcome your suggestions for profiles of people you would like to know more about.

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