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The Indian Budget 1996-97 The Indian Economy Overview


Economic Survey of India 1995-96 page index.

Salient highlights of the Economic Survey of India 1995-96 are now available.

The complete text of the Economic Survey of India Update, Review of Developments (pages 1-6), Some Issues and Priorities (pages 7-9) and asssociated Tables (pages 10-15).

Page 1
MacroEconomic Overview
Page 2
Page 3
Money and Prices
Page 4
Fiscal Developments
Page 5
Financial Developments
Page 6
Balance of Payments
Page 7
Fiscal Challenge
Page 8
The Infrastructure Challenge
Page 9
Employment, Poverty Alleviation
Page 10
Table 1: Key Indicators
Page 11
Table 2: Growth, Savings and Investment
Page 12
Table 3: Annual Growth Rates, Major Sectors of Induustry
Page 13
Table 4: Growth Rates, Core and Infrastructure Sectors
Page 14
Table 5: Deficits, Tax Revenue and Expenditure, %GDP
Page 15
Table 6: Balance of Payments: Key Indicators
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